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Feb 11: SynchroNice Magazine No. 4 finally ready We finally send our concept to the printers.. It will be available for you to order on our website as of Friday.Better, Thicker and more beautiful than ever. Make sure to order your own copy, before they're sold out. SynchroNice Magazine No. 4 finally ready Apr 10: Tears of Joy & Tears of Pain The 2018 version... a most thrilling SyS World Championship, that's how people will remember this annual battle of the fittest, this time in Stockholm Sweden. Finland's finest.. Marigold IceUnity, unexpectedly brought home the Gold after it was conquered 2 years in a row by breathtaking beautiful skating Paradise from Russia. Paradise made one... but fatal mistake in the group lifts and ended on the bronze podium because Surprisingly Surprise also passed by to capture Silver. ONNITTELUT MIU Tears of Joy & Tears of Pain Feb 27: Spring Cup 2018 Spring Cup 2018. Golden Team Surprise, not really a surprise. Looking at the list of teams competing at the 2018 version of the Spring Cup in Milan, Italy... It was clear from the start that team Surprise from Sweden would take home the gold. They have both, a great Short and a stunning Free program. They are also absolutely in Top shape and will do Sweden proud at World's. Team Idel won the Junior Gold, and showed us 2 very refreshing programs. Russia is ruling the Synchro Scene on every level. Spring Cup 2018 Feb 05: Shanghai Trophy 2017 The Shanghai Trophy, a by invitation only competition. Top 5 countries in the World are selected to come and compete in this Chinese Metropole. It''s early in the season and therefore a very challenging competition for all teams. Nevertheless, as far as we can judge, the teams were ready as ever and although top-favourite Team Paradise came thru and won the competition, we saw some great performances from the other teams which left us with the feeling, that a beautiful season lies ahead of us. Shanghai Trophy 2017 Oct 09: Finlandia Trophy And finally it has started, a new Synchronized Skating Season.Last weekend The Finlandia Trophy was the centre of Synchronized Skating fans attention. 6 teams made their appearance and showed us a glimp of what the new season has to offer us. Beautiful short programs, perfectly matching the music and the stunning new dresses.--THE RESULTS--The Rockettes - 69,60-- Team Paradise - 67,58-- Marigold IceUnity - 67,56-- Team Unique - 62,55-- Team Lumineers - 50,65-- Team Boomerang - 41,9 Finlandia Trophy Apr 12: One athlete short, but they did it again. Untamable, that's what the Russian team Paradise is at the moment. For the second time in a row they won the World Synchronized Skating Championship. Although there's perhaps a lot to be said about entering the competition with only 15 athletes, they won it never the less fair and square. Everything within the book. The breathtaking Free program of Marigold IceUnity almost trashed the Russian dream by winning the Free but overall ending in second place with only a 0.17 point difference. One athlete short, but they did it again.