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Hi There, wondering who we are and why we do what we do?

We’re Richard and Patricia, originally from the Netherlands, but since a few years living in Belgium. The both of us are big fans of Photography and Synchronized Skating.

Kimberly…, that’s Patricia’s daughter, used to be a Synchronized Skater.

Being supportive parents, you do travel, drive and wait a lot at training and competitions. Unfortunately that left us little time for Photography.

So why not combine the two and guess what, was born.

20150124 French Cup 2015 Day 2 Bewerkt Senior 300mm-3


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It’s our mission to show the world, in and outside the Synchronized Skating community, the beauty of Synchronized Skating. We use our most beautiful pictures to get more attention from the Media.

More attention from Media will result in more Sponsors, more Money, more Spectators and more new Talent on the Ice. We believe this will help bring Synchronized Skating to the Olympics supports the Lobby to make Synchronized Skating an Olympic Sport.

to capture their joy